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One of the main features of today’s business is the large amount of information and dynamics that change the business environment on a daily basis. Regulatory frameworks, both nationally and internationally, have not been spared these trends.

Business in such an environment opens up numerous issues in the field of interpretation and application of tax regulations, where each transaction can have multiple tax effects in one or more countries. Thanks to the close specialization of tax professionals, companies can get quality solutions and be assured that their business complies with legal requirements.

Some of our services in the field of legal counseling are:

  • Legal counseling service when establishing companies;
  • Legal support in status change processes;
  • Legal and tax aspects of specific transactions occurring in day-to-day business;
  • Supporting the development of legal documentation and compliance with the tax and other regulations;
  • Creating legal analysis and reports, and a variety of legal support in everyday business in the field of business, labor and business law.

We can provide our clients with assistance and counseling services in appeals before the tax authorities of BiH. Namely, if the breakdown of additional obligations fails to be prevented during tax controls, then taxpayers often decide on appeals, and often initiate court proceedings. Specialization in the area of ​​tax law and the rich experience of your counselor can then be of crucial importance to the success of the procedure.

After an analysis of the documentation, an experienced tax consultant can give you an opinion on the merits of your appeal, as well as provide expert assistance in drafting the appeals.

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