Financial counseling

We provide our clients with a practical, innovative and approach focused on addressing corporate finance issues and investment valuations in accordance with current world best practices and practices as well as international standards in force.

Our primary activity is to provide consulting services related to:

  • Valuation of investments: companies, capital, intangible assets, other assets;
  • Asset impairment testing;
  • Two dilligence analysis in M ​​& A transactions;
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans;
  • Budgeting and Forecasting;
  • Financial Modeling;
  • Estimating the company’s business standing;
  • Benchmarking (financial comparison in industrial sectors);
  • Estimating and restructuring the business model;
  • Analysis, diagnosis and optimization of business processes;
  • Testing, design and implementation of internal controls;
  • Forensic and special investigations;
  • Identification and management of business, financial and operational risks;
  • Consultancy on IFRS standards and problem solving.
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