Tax counseling

We have a wealth of experience from consulting and applying tax law in the field:

  • Profit tax;
  • Income tax;
  • Value Added Tax;
  • Customs regulations;
  • Property tax;
  • Tax on immovable property and rights;
  • Foreign exchange business;

Modes of providing our services are diverse and designed to respond to the different needs of our clients, namely:

  • Due diligence from the tax and legal aspect, with the aim of detecting potential tax risks;
  • Tax planning and optimization of tax obligations;
  • Tax and Business Restructuring;
  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies in accordance with local legislation and the OECD Guidelines on Transfer Pricing;
  • Interpretation of tax regulations and assessment of potential tax liability;
  • Verification of tax treatment of individual transactions with the competent institutions under the “no name” principle;
  • Review of relevant tax and business documentation (contracts with business partners, employees, etc.);
  • Assistance in preparing requests for giving opinions or notifications to tax authorities;
  • Support during tax controls;
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